Kansas City Bridal Photo Shoot

As I walked into the hotel room, the team was assembled and had already begun working with bride Sami. Hairspray. Various colors of makeup powders. Flower petals. And a beaming mother of the bride…..er…pretend bride.

Sami was the PERFECT bride for our bridal photo shoot near downtown Kansas City. The only thing is, she wasn’t getting married. I had wanted to do a bridal session with someone who wasn’t under time restrictions like on a wedding day. Our team consisted of Kimberly Pierce (makeup), Amiee Charles (hair), Kaylie Park/KP Event Design (flowers…lots of flowers) and Brittany Scott (Something White Bridal Boutique). It was PERFECT!  Everything fell into place and we made some great images!

AB1_4037 AB1_3913

The bouquet was TO DIE FOR!


Eventhough there wasn’t a groom, Kaylie prepared a handful of boutonniere’s and they were equally as amazing as the bouquet. Stunning work Kaylie!


Our first stop was at the Liberty Memorial, which has a killer section of blue and gold tiles. The colors are amazing and I knew would make for a stunning backdrop since we had a lot of yellow in the bouquet.




Amiee did a phenomenal job on Sami’s hair. Especially since I really didn’t give any direction, other than I liked brides with their hair down. I also told her I adored when the bride wore her hair up. Sooooo I wasn’t much help. She took over and kicked butt for sure!
AB1_4326After the Liberty Memorial, we made our way to the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts and played with a little sunflare! The Kauffman is one of the most breathtaking structure’s I’ve ever seen. Check it out if you haven’t already.


And Kim was spectacular on makeup. Sami is already flawless but Kim took her to another level!


All in all, I would love to do this again as I had a blast!  We will probably do another session later in the year!


Meet My New Assistant – Kelli

Hi there!

Say hello to my new fabulous assistant Kelli!


I’ve been photographing Kelli for years and I’ll be shooting her wedding this May! We’ve worked together a few times and I’ve shot thousands of images of her so she kind of knows my quirks and reads my mind when I ask her to do a specific pose. I dig it when people read my mind and ignore my mumbles.

Most of my time is spent shooting and editing and I’ve really neglected a lot of other areas, like my lobby and gallery! It’s the first thing people see and it’s a mess so she’s going to help me keep that organized, assist me on some shoots and probably even fill in whenever I have an idea and need to test it out. You may even talk to her when scheduling shoots and image consults.


She’s pretty awesome and I think you’re all going to like her….