Outdoors weddings are my favorite. The light is usually dreamy. There’s no messing around with fake light. Everything offers itself up as a potential prop/backdrop. It’s what I love to shoot more than anything else. Yet, rarely am I surprised. I’ve shot so many outdoor weddings that they seem to all be a continuance of the weddings before. There’s nothing wrong with that, as they’ve all been beautiful and varied just a touch. So when Shelby was explaining her wedding vision, there was part of me that doubted it would be as beautiful as I had envisioned in my head. I was right. It far exceeded what I had in mind.

She wanted to get married outside. And in a church. Those two don’t work together very well. Or at least they didn’t prior to her wedding with Kenny, her beau of several years. Being the creative genius she is, she built (with the help of a lot of people) her church….without walls, ceiling, glass windows, floors, etc….she had window frames and a door frame. And pews made of hay bales. Mix all that together with golden light from the fading sun and you’ll find that this wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a wedding photographer. It was pure perfection.

KPF_7320 KPF_7401 KPF_7540 KPF_7560 KPF_7564 KPF_7298 KPF_6504 KPF_6438 DSC_0025 KPF_6826 KPF_6778 KPF_6746 KPF_6709


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