Four or five years ago I reached out to the world of Facebook with the hopes of finding someone who could make a baby prop for a newborn photo shoot. I don’t remember what it was or who the photo shoot was for. What I do remember is someone recommending a girl named Megan. Thankfully she answered my email and produced the most magnificent blanket I’ve ever felt. I’ve been using her products ever since.

Back then was just the beginning of KNOTS. Today, I’d argue with anyone who said KNOTS wasn’t the very best place to get newborn, baby and toddler clothing and photo props. She’s a genius with knitting thingy’s and pretty good with a sewing machine as well. Lucky for me, she lives fairly close so I can call on her last minute and generally get a pretty amazing HUNK hat or softer-than-clouds blanket. And I do tend to ask her very last minute. She always delivers. Because she’s helped me out more times than I can count, anytime she wants to do a shoot I try my best to say yes. This time it just happened to involve her daughter and nieces – all wearing KNOTS headbands/bows.




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