A Second Mother

There are few people in the world who can love another person’s child as much as a parent. Amy is one of those people and because of that we are lucky to have her in our lives. I’d assume we’ve all heaped praise on her over and over again. Both to her face and to everyone in the community. I know for a fact we’ve bragged about her to people as far away as Florida. She’s the best.

To show our love for her, this morning we surprised her with a photo shoot with all the kids she watches on a daily basis – Charly & Colson, Jax & Kendal, Harper and Blair.

Here’s how it went down:  Weeks ago all the parents picked the date and I took care of letting Amy know where to be, but I didn’t tell her what we were doing. All she knew was to be dressed up by 830a.m. And just last night I told her all the kids would meet her at the park at 830. Still, no idea what was going to happen. Megan bought flowers for all the kids to hand out…and the plan was for them to be hiding and all walk out at once and present her with flowers.


Well, that didn’t work. One of the kids walked out early and then of course the rest followed. My camera wasn’t ready to captured the moment BUT I did see the emotion in her face….SURPRISE! And then, LOTS of hugs!



Amy doesn’t just watch our children every day, she loves them every day. This is priceless. If we could pay her millions of dollars, it would be worth every penny.


Then we did a quick photo shoot….



There are countless daycare options in Fort Scott. Sure, we could choose anyone else. But why? Everyone wants the absolute best for their children and we have been beyond blessed to have the very top tier of child care. So, as all the kids yelled this morning….”WE LOVE AMY!”


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