Country Boys

When Courtney told me she wanted to do a BOHO-themed shoot with her 2 young boys, I was thrilled. I love photographing these boys (they are adorable and ornery) and adding in a theme made me even more excited than I normally get for their shoots. When she explained what she had in mind, I immediately thought of Huckleberry Finn playing near the river.

They showed up ready to go, dressed exactly how I’d seen in my mind and I knew it was going to be a great session. Courtney even dressed the part as well so we put her in quite a few shots.

We went to one of my favorite locations – a creek right in the middle of Fort Scott. The shoot was planned to coincide with the best light of the day and thankfully everything fell into place and we were able to get some of my favorite shots this year.





Above you can see that Chayden is missing a few teeth. Every time I see him, he’s smiling. Such a joy to be around.







Creedyn, the youngest of the two, didn’t just call me “Kenny”..he called me “Kenny Felt” every time he talked to me. Pretty cute.


And then there’s Courtney. One of the most creative people I know. Anytime I need inspiration for a session I know without a doubt that she’ll come up with something amazing. Notice the cool sunflare?!

This was easily one of my favorite sessions of the past few years. But then again, I say that just about every time I photograph this family!



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