Outdoors weddings are my favorite. The light is usually dreamy. There’s no messing around with fake light. Everything offers itself up as a potential prop/backdrop. It’s what I love to shoot more than anything else. Yet, rarely am I surprised. I’ve shot so many outdoor weddings that they seem to all be a continuance of the weddings before. There’s nothing wrong with that, as they’ve all been beautiful and varied just a touch. So when Shelby was explaining her wedding vision, there was part of me that doubted it would be as beautiful as I had envisioned in my head. I was right. It far exceeded what I had in mind.

She wanted to get married outside. And in a church. Those two don’t work together very well. Or at least they didn’t prior to her wedding with Kenny, her beau of several years. Being the creative genius she is, she built (with the help of a lot of people) her church….without walls, ceiling, glass windows, floors, etc….she had window frames and a door frame. And pews made of hay bales. Mix all that together with golden light from the fading sun and you’ll find that this wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a wedding photographer. It was pure perfection.

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Love + Sun Flare

We all know love when we see it. John & Kristen have it.

Typically whenever I photograph a couple, it’s always the girl that visibly shows how much she adores her guy. In their case, it was pretty equal as both were obviously in total adoration of the other.

We were lucky to find perfect light to help set a romantic mood for the session. There weren’t any difficult “romantic poses”, all they had to do was stand by each other and all I did was record the love projecting from each of them.


Such a fun couple to photograph!ImageImageImageImage



Four or five years ago I reached out to the world of Facebook with the hopes of finding someone who could make a baby prop for a newborn photo shoot. I don’t remember what it was or who the photo shoot was for. What I do remember is someone recommending a girl named Megan. Thankfully she answered my email and produced the most magnificent blanket I’ve ever felt. I’ve been using her products ever since.

Back then was just the beginning of KNOTS. Today, I’d argue with anyone who said KNOTS wasn’t the very best place to get newborn, baby and toddler clothing and photo props. She’s a genius with knitting thingy’s and pretty good with a sewing machine as well. Lucky for me, she lives fairly close so I can call on her last minute and generally get a pretty amazing HUNK hat or softer-than-clouds blanket. And I do tend to ask her very last minute. She always delivers. Because she’s helped me out more times than I can count, anytime she wants to do a shoot I try my best to say yes. This time it just happened to involve her daughter and nieces – all wearing KNOTS headbands/bows.



A Second Mother

There are few people in the world who can love another person’s child as much as a parent. Amy is one of those people and because of that we are lucky to have her in our lives. I’d assume we’ve all heaped praise on her over and over again. Both to her face and to everyone in the community. I know for a fact we’ve bragged about her to people as far away as Florida. She’s the best.

To show our love for her, this morning we surprised her with a photo shoot with all the kids she watches on a daily basis – Charly & Colson, Jax & Kendal, Harper and Blair.

Here’s how it went down:  Weeks ago all the parents picked the date and I took care of letting Amy know where to be, but I didn’t tell her what we were doing. All she knew was to be dressed up by 830a.m. And just last night I told her all the kids would meet her at the park at 830. Still, no idea what was going to happen. Megan bought flowers for all the kids to hand out…and the plan was for them to be hiding and all walk out at once and present her with flowers.


Well, that didn’t work. One of the kids walked out early and then of course the rest followed. My camera wasn’t ready to captured the moment BUT I did see the emotion in her face….SURPRISE! And then, LOTS of hugs!



Amy doesn’t just watch our children every day, she loves them every day. This is priceless. If we could pay her millions of dollars, it would be worth every penny.


Then we did a quick photo shoot….



There are countless daycare options in Fort Scott. Sure, we could choose anyone else. But why? Everyone wants the absolute best for their children and we have been beyond blessed to have the very top tier of child care. So, as all the kids yelled this morning….”WE LOVE AMY!”


Sunsets. Smiles. Barns. Animals. Eyes. Wind-blown hair. These are a few of my favorite things. Moments that happen fairly regularly. Moments that happen only once. I photograph everything. Both important things and completely mundane things. It’s what I do and, in part, it’s who I am.

A year or so ago I had a moment that something clicked…why chase sunsets with the intent to JUST take a picture? To preserve…to remember…to show off? Yes. Yes. Sometimes yes. One day I remember thinking to myself “While you’re capturing it, are you missing it?” Emphatically yes. Now I just watch and soak it in.

Why photograph my daughter? To remember? To preserve? To show off her beautiful face to the rest of the world? YES. Tonight as I was driving to the lake to meet family for dinner, I thought how awesome it would be to get a cute photo of something – most likely of Blair – and share it with the world on Facebook or Instagram.

And so I locked my phone and camera in the car. And I watched her sit on the dock, toes in the water. And then when she asked to touch the water with her hand, I laid down beside her and touched it with her. Her eyes widened and her smile grew and grew. And then I looked her in the eyes and saw the life I was missing while I was trying to capture it all inside a tiny, black box.



I love this image more than I can say in words. But my only memory of the moments leading up to this are from seeing this picture. I remember that she had fun. But I don’t remember how I felt. Nor do I remember how big her eyes were when she threw the petals up in the air. Or if she squealed with delight or was silent. I would rather have that than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, photographs mean the world to me. But sometimes I get carried away and treat my daughter like a professional model, which she is not. She’s my daughter. And she’s only going to play with red bud leaves for the first time, once.

Country Boys

When Courtney told me she wanted to do a BOHO-themed shoot with her 2 young boys, I was thrilled. I love photographing these boys (they are adorable and ornery) and adding in a theme made me even more excited than I normally get for their shoots. When she explained what she had in mind, I immediately thought of Huckleberry Finn playing near the river.

They showed up ready to go, dressed exactly how I’d seen in my mind and I knew it was going to be a great session. Courtney even dressed the part as well so we put her in quite a few shots.

We went to one of my favorite locations – a creek right in the middle of Fort Scott. The shoot was planned to coincide with the best light of the day and thankfully everything fell into place and we were able to get some of my favorite shots this year.





Above you can see that Chayden is missing a few teeth. Every time I see him, he’s smiling. Such a joy to be around.







Creedyn, the youngest of the two, didn’t just call me “Kenny”..he called me “Kenny Felt” every time he talked to me. Pretty cute.


And then there’s Courtney. One of the most creative people I know. Anytime I need inspiration for a session I know without a doubt that she’ll come up with something amazing. Notice the cool sunflare?!

This was easily one of my favorite sessions of the past few years. But then again, I say that just about every time I photograph this family!


Doug & Taylor’s Outdoor Kansas Wedding







Doug & Taylor were married at the Dyck Arboretum in Hesston, Kansas last month. They selected the perfect location and were blessed with wonderful (a little warm) weather.




The bridesmaids were gorgeous and full of awesomeness.


And then the guys were…well…they had a few characters to say the least….


And then the girls showed up with this pose….




Check out more of their images at

A First Look

John stood at the front of the church facing away from the sanctuary entrance, wiping his eyes. His bride stood 30 feet away. He hadn’t even seen her, yet he was still on the verge of tears.
Finally, Megan approached, After she tapped his shoulder he turned around and gasped. Words weren’t needed. He covered his mouth with his hand and looked over the most beautiful woman in his world.
Most of the time, when a bride and groom choose to do their portraits before the wedding, we do a “first look” so that they get to have a special moment between the two of them once they see each other the first time. Nobody else (except for me) is in the room. It really does allow the bride and groom a moment or two of peace before the craziness begins. It’s one of my favorite things to witness and photograph.
Throughout the day and evening I saw in his eyes that he was mesmerized by her. And she with him. Their day was beautiful and full of laughter, as are most of the weddings I photograph.
It’s always an honor and privilege to be chosen as the person to capture someone’s special day.

Shelby – 2013 Senior Model

Once in awhile everything seems to fall into place somewhat effortlessly. Or so it seems that way just by looking at the photos.

Shelby’s senior session was the perfect example – actually BOTH of her shoots were like this!

After several weeks of planning in the spring of 2012, Shelby and I had our first photo shoot. She was one of my first senior representatives from St Mary’s Colgan in Pittsburg. I was a bit nervous as usual – but this time primarily because the weather was threatening to dampen – literally – our spirits. The forecast called for endless rain. Thankfully for quick planning and fast shooting, we were able to minimize the effects of the rain and not ruin her gorgeous hair.


The shot above was made under an awning. Thanks to the lack of harsh sunlight, Shelby’s eyes were really brought out in this shot.

After getting several images like that, I felt it was safe to risk getting wet and try for something a bit more creative!


I think the risk was worth the reward don’t you?!

For her second shoot we didn’t have anything to worry about. The weather was perfect and everything looked like it would be a good day to shoot. Fortunately, at sunset the sky turned a beautiful array of soft colors and blanketed a meadow with lovely light.


Lucky for me, I got great light and an amazing model – a combination that’s hard to beat.


2013 Senior Photography – Alex

Alex is a pretty special senior client. I’ve known her for quite awhile now and spent a good portion of 4 years looking forward to her senior photo shoot.

After seeing a few images I’d taken several years prior, Alex and her mom (the coolest Pittsburgian ever) told me they HAD to do senior photos at Longview Lake in Lees Summit, Missouri. Fast track to 2012 and Alex is one of my senior representatives…  After much planning we set sail in my Jeep for an afternoon and evening in the Kansas City area.

Our first stop was at the Kauffman Center – a gorgeous new building in downtown KC. We shot in that building and the surrounding area for around an hour.



We then spent another hour in and around the plaza shopping district, which lent us an array of textures, colors and props.


The main location, though, was in Lees Summit at the ruins.


It was a photo shoot I’ll always remember, and hopefully Alex will too!