Doug & Taylor’s Outdoor Kansas Wedding







Doug & Taylor were married at the Dyck Arboretum in Hesston, Kansas last month. They selected the perfect location and were blessed with wonderful (a little warm) weather.




The bridesmaids were gorgeous and full of awesomeness.


And then the guys were…well…they had a few characters to say the least….


And then the girls showed up with this pose….




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A First Look

John stood at the front of the church facing away from the sanctuary entrance, wiping his eyes. His bride stood 30 feet away. He hadn’t even seen her, yet he was still on the verge of tears.
Finally, Megan approached, After she tapped his shoulder he turned around and gasped. Words weren’t needed. He covered his mouth with his hand and looked over the most beautiful woman in his world.
Most of the time, when a bride and groom choose to do their portraits before the wedding, we do a “first look” so that they get to have a special moment between the two of them once they see each other the first time. Nobody else (except for me) is in the room. It really does allow the bride and groom a moment or two of peace before the craziness begins. It’s one of my favorite things to witness and photograph.
Throughout the day and evening I saw in his eyes that he was mesmerized by her. And she with him. Their day was beautiful and full of laughter, as are most of the weddings I photograph.
It’s always an honor and privilege to be chosen as the person to capture someone’s special day.

Shelby – 2013 Senior Model

Once in awhile everything seems to fall into place somewhat effortlessly. Or so it seems that way just by looking at the photos.

Shelby’s senior session was the perfect example – actually BOTH of her shoots were like this!

After several weeks of planning in the spring of 2012, Shelby and I had our first photo shoot. She was one of my first senior representatives from St Mary’s Colgan in Pittsburg. I was a bit nervous as usual – but this time primarily because the weather was threatening to dampen – literally – our spirits. The forecast called for endless rain. Thankfully for quick planning and fast shooting, we were able to minimize the effects of the rain and not ruin her gorgeous hair.


The shot above was made under an awning. Thanks to the lack of harsh sunlight, Shelby’s eyes were really brought out in this shot.

After getting several images like that, I felt it was safe to risk getting wet and try for something a bit more creative!


I think the risk was worth the reward don’t you?!

For her second shoot we didn’t have anything to worry about. The weather was perfect and everything looked like it would be a good day to shoot. Fortunately, at sunset the sky turned a beautiful array of soft colors and blanketed a meadow with lovely light.


Lucky for me, I got great light and an amazing model – a combination that’s hard to beat.


2013 Senior Photography – Alex

Alex is a pretty special senior client. I’ve known her for quite awhile now and spent a good portion of 4 years looking forward to her senior photo shoot.

After seeing a few images I’d taken several years prior, Alex and her mom (the coolest Pittsburgian ever) told me they HAD to do senior photos at Longview Lake in Lees Summit, Missouri. Fast track to 2012 and Alex is one of my senior representatives…  After much planning we set sail in my Jeep for an afternoon and evening in the Kansas City area.

Our first stop was at the Kauffman Center – a gorgeous new building in downtown KC. We shot in that building and the surrounding area for around an hour.



We then spent another hour in and around the plaza shopping district, which lent us an array of textures, colors and props.


The main location, though, was in Lees Summit at the ruins.


It was a photo shoot I’ll always remember, and hopefully Alex will too!

Amy M – Bridal

If I said I was excited when Amy asked me to photograph her wedding, I’d be lying to you. I was ECSTATIC!

I’ve known Amy since we were President’s Ambassadors at Fort Scott Community College and I always thought she had her “stuff” together, whatever that really means. Always thought she was a cool cat, and in a way, I looked up to her because of her rodeo success and at being awesome. Truth is, I looked down on her because she is very much shorter than me. And yet, she could kick my butt very easily.

So I was pretty stoked to be her photographer.

She and Charlie were married in February – on a very COLD day in one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever been in. Their wedding photos turned out great, in part because it’s nearly impossible to take bad photos of beautiful people. Because of the time of year we weren’t able to schedule a bridal session … one thing ALL of my brides get for free if they book a wedding album package. Once it warmed up we were able to do some really awesome stuff, including a few shots of her on a horse and in a field.

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images. Image




Baby Baby Baby

It’s been a month of babies!  Seems as if everything I’m photographing these days are newborns or infants. I’m definitely OK with that as they are usually nothing but adorable and full of smiles. These 3 models were just phenomenal to photograph. Enjoy!

This little guy is DaKhari – 2 months old. He’s laying in a basket covered with a blanket made by KNOTS genius Megan Malone. (



This is baby Olivia – 7 months. She’s trying to do a somersault or something funny!


And this is the precious Linley – 1 month old! Pearls are already her best friend!


Harper – Newborn

Harper was 2 days old when her momma and grandma and aunt brought her in for newborn photos. She was an absolute doll the entire time! Here are a few of my faves!

Many thanks to Barbour Backdrops for the studio and props!ImageImageImage

Kenny & Nancy – 40 Years (ALMOST)

Kenny was named after me. . . ok, so that’s not entirely true since he’s 5-6 years older than I am. Regardless, we go way back!

He and Nancy will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary first of the year. They’re residents of my hometown of Uniontown and they’ve made a significant impact on a lot lives in the community, mine included.

It was an honor to photograph the two of them. I look forward to every conversation with both Kenny and “Big Nance” as I’ve called her for more than 10 years. Trust me, I know it’s an AWFUL nickname! Back in the days of working at Union Station and making pizzas, “Big Nance” just rolled off my tongue one day as  I greeted her. Evidently it stuck…as it’s what I call her by each time we see each other. I’m sure at some point I’ll find myself being slapped across the back of my head…deservedly so!

Matt & Holly’s Fabulous Engagement Session

Matt and I go way back, sorta like Batman and Billy Ray Cyrus….ok ok ok…Matt dressed as the Caped Crusader and I as Billy a few years back on Halloween. It was truly a match made in heaven. He and I are like THIS…enough about our destiny…on to he and Holly.

Quite the love story these two lovebirds share.

Seems as if Matt and Holly ended up on a float trip shortly before they started up another semester of school at the University of Kansas (pharmacy). Unbeknownst to Holly, Matt sorta had the hots for her. Ends up, they stayed up all night long talking about this and that and everything else. Truly was the beginning of a romance only known in movies. Cue the Ahhhhh’s.

Enough about that. Matt & Holly ventured to Fort Scott a month or so ago right in the middle of the most beautiful fall foliage we’ve seen her in ages.

If it’s not obvious by now that these two are madly in love, then I’ve not done my job as a photographer. I’m beyond excited to photograph these two next June when they start the next phase of their fairytale.

That Special Moment

You know that moment…come on…..yes you do! It’s the moment when someone’s smiling at the camera as fake as they can. And then all of a sudden a real smile pops through those tight lips, teeth gleaming as white as they can. It’s like the cloud part and the sun rays hit the subject’s face and it’s just GLORIOUS! These are the real moments. The moment that defines who the person really is. They are fully open. Walls are down. Smiles are amazing, wouldn’t you say?